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Monday, May 5, 2008

My Favorite Java Books

Java I/O

Java's input and output (I/O) is based on streams. Streams are a convenient metaphor for reading and writing data regardless of whether that data comes from a file, a network connection, the console, another thread, or some other source. Furthermore streams can be filtered to perform encryption, serialization, compression, translation, and other services.

Java I/O tells you all you need to know about the four main categories of streams and uncovers less known features to help make your I/O operations more efficient. Plus, it shows you how to control number formatting, use characters aside from the standard ASCII character set, and get a head start on writing truly multilingual software.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in depth in Java I/O:

* How to take advantage of the polymorphic nature of InputStream and OutputStream
* Files and network connections, the two most common sources of input and output
* Filter streams
* Reading and writing text
* Padding and aligning numbers
* Communicating with serial and parallel port devices
* The Java Cryptography Extension
* Object Serialization
* Data Compression
* Writing file access code that works across platforms
* File dialogs in both the classic AWT and Swing

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